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In this website you can find several roleplays from AHS, raging from Murder House to Roanoke, from a mixture of two seasons to all of them combined.

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The Rules of the Roleplay

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1 The Rules of the Roleplay on Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:11 pm

Welcome to the AHS Roleplay forum. Here you can find the rules.

Rule #1- Join one (1) roleplay at the time to avoid system clogs.
Rule #2 - If you're roleplaying (for example) as Madison Montgomery, make sure your avatar and display name is Madison.
Rule #3 - Original characters are only allowed in the respective boards.
Rule #4 - No killing. Sex scenes are allowed, however tag them in the beginning of your reply with SS.
Rule #5 - Make sure you roleplay in the third person. For example, if you roleplay as Madison Montgomery, make sure your reply is in the third person format. i.e: "Madison would walk towards the kitchen."
Rule #6 - Try to stick to the characters' personalities.
Rule #7 - You can create new couples. For example, if you roleplay as Madison, there's nothing wrong if she falls for Spalding.
Rule #8 - To roleplay in two-in-one roleplays, make sure you do so in the respective board. For example, if you want to roleplay in a Murder House V Coven roleplay.
Rule #9 - If you finished your roleplay and went to another, change your avatar and display name as said before.
Rule #10 - Signatures are free to contain whatever they want.
Rule #11 - Have fun!

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